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Here are some guided meditations, contemplations and poetry for you to enjoy.

Some are with video, some without. Choose your journey...

You can find us on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and you can purchase and download our meditations on Bandcamp. 

Just look for

"Moonseed Meditations"

Guided Video Meditations

Dream into Being

a guided journey to consciously create your reality

(by Dean Warner and Sybille Webb)

Gateway between Winter and Spring

A Meditation to inspire relaxation, imagination and dream. Great before sleep, or first thing in the morning, to create your day consciously.

(by Dean Warner and Sybille Webb)

a visual meditation journey to connect with the supportive energies of the natural universe.
(Sound and images by Dean Warner, meditation and narration by Sybille Webb)

A Solstice Contemplation

What are you attracting into your life?

(by Sybille Webb)

The Ancient One

 Take 20 minutes to restore your connection and reverence for the wisdom and magic of the old growth forest and all of life.

Meditation: Sybille Webb. Light Language: Tamarah Ney Audio and Video: Dean Warner

Womb Healing

A guided invitation into deep healing, opening and awakening of the feminine heart and womb.

Meditation: Sybille Webb. Light Language: Tamarah Ney Audio and Video: Dean Warner


"It Felt Love"

a Poem by Hafiz

"Today I'm Flying Low"

a Poem by Mary Oliver

Guided Audio Meditations

Coming Home to Yourself

A calming journey to invite you to reconnect with all the fragmented parts of yourself and practise wholeness. It also guides you into the question of who have you come here to be? 

Coming Home to Yourself - 06-07-21, 2.16 PM
00:00 / 16:18

Soothing Your Anxiety

This recording is half introduction, half meditation to help understand the nature and break the pattern of anxiety. 

Soothing Your Anxiety
00:00 / 18:42

Cradled by the Universe

This is a journey into a bigger perspective of us being part of life, the earth, the universe, to deepen a sense of belonging and connection.

Cradled by the Universe
00:00 / 24:01

The Gift of Presence

Being truly present is the biggest gift we can give to one another and is the fastest way to create happiness, one moment at a time.  

The Gift of Presence - 11-10-21, 12.15 AM
00:00 / 11:15

Belly to Belly

This meditation is inspired by a speech by one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers,  given at the beginning of the Pandemic.  She invited us to communicate directly with the earth and listen to her need for changes and answers by spending time in nature, deeply listening, lying down, and connecting belly to belly with her. 

Belly to Belly, a Meditation
00:00 / 12:45

The Great Mother

A meditation that takes you deep into the Womb of the Earth, where you will find yourself being loved and nurtured by the Great Mother herself. 

The Great Mother Meditation
00:00 / 15:55
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