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"I find IBP to be an especially supportive form of therapy because the body is included in the processing, not just the mind.  It brings many insights that come from within and inspire shifts that occur on the inside and in daily life. I have found it to be extremely resourceful in my personal life and as a practitioner. I feel it has improved my quality of life and outlook and has helped me connect more deeply with myself and my family history, inviting an abundance of compassion, forgiveness, and freedom to be me."

Christina Hamill, RCST®Cowichan Valley, Craniosacral

"Sybille has the rare capacity to hold whatever I may bring in, with such confidence and compassion that I feel completely safe to let loose and really search the deep dark recesses within.  She consistently balances analytical feedback with intuitive reflection in ways that nurtures my growth and flow.  I particularly appreciate Sybille’s naturally empowering ability to care-fully witness and support me in such a beautiful way, that I am able to fully own my life, and also my healing journey."  J. W., 

"Sybille helped pull me out of one of the darkest times in my life.  She has an authentic, loving approach and finds the needle in the haystack.  She had seen me at my most vulnerable. I was raw.  She nurtured a wonderfully safe environment for me while I stumbled through the darkness in a sobbing mess.  The process of IBP is fascinating and my experience has been that Sybille helped me understand the language of my body.  My stories are in my body holding the answers and connecting me with my higher self.  This is my interpretation of the process. I would recommend that travelling long distances to see her is well worth it!  I once said to a friend that I would fly from another location just to see her.  She has a gift that is truly unique and wonderfully empowering, and we are very fortunate to have her in the Cowichan Valley." 

L.H., Nanaimo

"The biggest gift I received during my IBP sessions was that I felt seen and heard. I felt deeply loved in Sybille's presence and safe to fully show up in my realness.  She taught me how to implement boundaries so I felt safe in the session but also in life, this skill has been most valuable. 

To be in her presence is so healing and she offers techniques weaved with wisdom that also helped assist me to feel my deep truth and how the body knows and can assist in releasing and re-claiming .  I feel the months afterwards the processes Sybille offered to continue to work me.  It has been about a year later, I really feel the 10 sessions I received helped me to trust myself and to know I am safe, I have created boundaries with people I felt I could not, giving up myself for another…. I now feel and see my value , know my boundaries and speak of them and energetically establish them as I move in life, so I feel safe to be out in the world and I feel safe with men.  Thank you Sybille for being part of my growth and expansion of feeling safe in the world to fully show up… ”

Lisa Meikle

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